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Ticket Ninja

remembers to pay your parking tickets so you don't have to

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and never pay a late fee again

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Ticket Ninja only needs your license plate, email, and payment details

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How it works

Ticket Ninja watches Chicago's parking ticket database to catch unpaid parking tickets for your car. If a ticket is found, the ninja emails you a notice, reminding you pay it. If you forget, the ninja pays it for you the day before the late fee kicks in. Never pay a late fee again.

Ticket Ninja is free if you don't get tickets!

If you do get a ticket, Ticket Ninja charges a fee of 15% of the ticket cost to securely store and process your credit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What if I remember to pay my ticket?

    We encourage you to remember to pay your tickets through the city website. If you pay online before the deadline, Ticket Ninja will mark the ticket as "paid" and will not attempt to pay it again.

    If you pay by mail, it is recommended that you tell Ticket Ninja to "Ignore the ticket." While it is being ignored, Ticket Ninja will not attempt to pay the ticket. This way you will not end up paying twice ( once through Ticket Ninja and once by mail — if this happens, just contact us and we will refund you immediately)

  • What if I want to contest my ticket?

    If you decide to contest your ticket in court, click the "I want to contest this ticket" button in the notification email or click the link from your Ticket Ninja dashboard. Ticket Ninja will ignore the ticket while you wage war with parking enforcement.

  • Is my credit card secure?

    Yes, Ticket Ninja uses Stripe to securely store and process credit cards. Stripe is PCI compliant to the most stringent certification (Level 1, in case you were curious). Rest assured that your credit card data is safe.

  • Have a question not listed here?

    Email support@ticket-ninja.com for the answer

Useful Resources for Chicago Residents

  • Official City of Chicago online ticket payment site

    Ticket Ninja always wants you to save as much money as possible. If you want to pay your ticket ahead of the due date, use this link and avoid the Ticket Ninja fee.

  • SpotHero

    SpotHero is an awesome service that lets you reserve a parking spot from your mobile phone. They also have a great list of available good parking split up by neighborhood, read through the list and you might find a secret parking lot near your favorite watering hole.

  • Towed or Relocated Car Finder

    If your car got towed or relocated, you can use this form to find out where parking enforcement took it.

  • Instructions for applying for a payment plan

    Sometimes a parking ticket can come at the absolute worst possible time. If you need a bit more time to get back on your feet before paying a parking ticket, Chicago provides a payment plan system for eligible residents. Go here to find out how to apply.

  • Purchase a city sticker

    Chicago city stickers are required for overnight parking in residential parts of Chicago. Follow this link to purchase yours online.

  • Suggest another useful resource